Sunday, August 12, 2012 – A Gathering of Grannies

At The Digital Scrapbook Place there is a forum started years ago with a poem about the love of a grandmother.  From that beginning has sprung one of the most active forums on the web.  No, they aren’t all Grandmothers …some are “grannies-in-training”, grannies of fur babies, and whoever wants to jump in and get acquainted.  The Grannies are from coast to coast in the United States, Australia, and a few other places like South Africa, Iceland, Holland, England, and one from Oman in the Mid-East.

Just the Grannies

The family from Oman was taking a month-long vacation in the US, this year.  They were staying with another Granny in Indiana so coming a few hours to where I live was natural.  They would stay with me for a week to soak up the Automobile atmosphere of the area.

Soon other Grannies were asking if they could visit, too, and meet our dear friend.  Some of us had met them several winters ago in a Salt Lake City gathering.  Soon a Great Granny Get-Together was planned and there were RVs, guest rooms, and a nearby motel all being utilized.

There were 11 “Grannies” and a total family count of 20.

The Grannies and their families

For that whole week, I never heard ONE negative word.  When one husband who was not there asked whatever we DID, his wife answered “Sat around and adored each other.”  That about sums up the whole week, although there were treks to local restaurants, boat rides, and a bonfire introducing the gang to the neighbors.

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I am a 79 year old computer nerd, living hours a day on this thing.
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1 Response to Sunday, August 12, 2012 – A Gathering of Grannies

  1. cchidlow says:

    Love your blog. I enjoy seeing the flowers in your yard. We live in the woods and don’t have too many flowers other than wildflowers which are a joy especially in the spring. Thanks for checking out my blog. Hopefully I will have a travel Florida blog going in a few weeks.

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